EZBZ Cash Forward

Cash Forward is a program that allows you to support causes that you care about simply by searching for the businesses that you need using EZBZ.

Every time you report hiring a business that you found through EZBZ, whether it’s through the main site, the new app, or a partner marketplace, you will get $5 that we will donate to the cause you select.

Any request that you report a hire for is eligible for Cash Forward. In fact, if you were to post a single request but end up hiring two different businesses that you met through the request, you would get $10 to donate.

It is already activated on your account. Every hire that you report puts $5 into your donation account. If you have previously reported any hires, then that money should already be set aside for you.

You can donate to any one of millions of pre-approved 501(c)3s, but if there is a local organization that you cannot find on our list, we provide a form for you to provide us the information you’d like to support. Our team will then contact and vet the organization, and if they are eligible, we will add them to the program.

(Technical answer to add)

While an organization does not need to be signed up with EZBZ to receive donations, the best way to gain revenue from this program is to be signed up as a charity partner. For more information, contact our Marketing Manager Michael Whitehouse at michael@myezbz.com or call him at 413-218-7946.

The donations are technically made by EZBZ, inc., so they you are not able to claim the deductions for them.