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Scarsdale, New York

The town of Scarsdale has less than 20,000 residents, and yet the community is famous around the world for its fascinating history and quaint style. For many years Scarsdale was a farming village, but when the Harlem railroad was constructed in 1846, it provided a straight route to New York City. After that, Scarsdale attracted many commuter residents who worked in the city but preferred to live in the quiet town, and it was transformed in to a suburban community. In the 1980s the town received national attention as the site of the murder of Dr. Herman Tarnower, a local cardiologist who had previously gained fame as the creator of the ‘Scarsdale Diet’.  Scarsdale is the quintessential American suburbia, with wholesome streets that make everyone feel like they’re at home. This rare appeal has seen Scarsdale mentioned notably across pop culture as the hometown of many fictional characters.

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