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New York, New York

As the inspiration for countless films, television series, and songs, New York City isn’t just a metropolis; it’s the metropolis. The city is home to millions of people who are searching every day for the local products, businesses, repairs, programs and services that will help them make it in Manhattan. EZBZ, a New York native, is doing its part to make life easier for residents of the city that never sleeps.

EZBZ was founded in New York, and many of the city’s values – expediency, innovation and honesty – are embodied in its technology backed service. As a free online concierge, EZBZ connects users with the local products, programs or services they need in an instant, providing real-time quotes from local contractors and businesses. Choosing a contractor and getting repairs done has never been easier thanks to EZBZ’s commitment to getting you quotes from a range of reputable small and large local businesses as fast as possible.

New York City is a melting pot, a diverse community made up of people from all walks of life. In the same subway car you can find a working parent in need of a full time nanny and an animal lover in need of a pet groomer or sitter. It’s a fast-paced city, and for many of its residents, the quickest solution is often the best solution. Users can submit free concierge service requests to EZBZ on their phone, tablet, or computer, anytime and anywhere. It’s the fastest, easiest solution in a city that does almost everything online.

New Yorkers are hardworking and honest, and so is the EZBZ lifestyle concierge service!