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Mount Vernon, New York

Situated just outside of New York City, one of the most famous cities in the world, is the much smaller and less well-known city of Mount Vernon. While the south side of the city can feel quite urban due to its proximity to the Big Apple, the north side is primarily residential, and has the look and feel of a classic family neighborhood. The suburban landscape is such an integral part of the city that Mount Vernon Heights, one of the cities four major neighborhoods, is also known as the ‘rolling hills of homes’. Mount Vernon Heights is also home to Sandford Square, a major commercial hub for the city that attracts visitors from as far away as Connecticut.

While you can find plenty of things in Sanford Square, it’s not always easy to find certain products and services. For example, finding a contractor to complete some home repairs. That’s why many residents and visitors use EZBZ – Simply submit a request and we’ll do the rest. We’ll send your request to the businesses in your area that can help, who will reply to your request directly to offer their services.

Over the last twenty years, Mount Vernon’s economy has grown rapidly as small and large businesses have flocked to open in the city. This is great for consumers, as within a few minutes of requesting something through EZBZ, we can get you connected with local providers.  Of course, the city isn't just homes and businesses; Mount Vernon also has a range of small and large parks, including Wilson Woods Park, a 23-acre park with a pool, waterslides, and plenty of room for picnicking. It’s perks like that that help Mount Vernon to stand out of the shadow of its big city neighbor to the south.

The next time you need something in Mount Vernon, be sure to request it through EZBZ. It’s free, quick, and easy!