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Los Angeles, California

Best known as the home of Hollywood and the North American film industry, Los Angeles is a diverse city with close to four million residents and over forty million visitors each year from all over the globe. That’s not surprising when you consider how much there is to do in LA. From touring celebrity neighborhoods, catching a Lakers game at the Staples Center, or touring Universal Studios, there is something for everyone.

As the second largest metropolitan in the United States, it can sometimes be difficult to find certain products or services in Los Angeles. Thankfully, you no longer have to be a celebrity to have a personal assistant in LA. Rather than spending hours on the phone calling a long list of companies, many residents and visitors opt to use EZBZ to request whatever it is they are looking for. It doesn’t matter whether you need a pet sitter, tour guide, or the closest In-N-Out Burger, EZBZ can help you find whatever you’re looking for, for free!

The EZBZ service is also particularly helpful for comparing and hiring contractors – a popular request from LA homeowners. Simply submit a request with the details of the job (or jobs), and the local businesses that can help will reply with their availability and quotes. Los Angeles is a city thriving with life – you’d struggle to find a city with more celebrity parties – so why waste your time making dozens of phone calls or researching for hours online? Use EZBZ to expedite the hiring process, so you can get started on your next LA adventure.