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Kansas City, Kansas

Kansas City has a thriving culture and community, sustained by hard-working residents and a strong economy of small businesses. When something needs to be done, the locals knuckle down and get it done. EZBZ knows this, which is why we are committed to helping our Kansas City users find the repairs, contractors, products and services they need from reputable local businesses, as quickly as possible.

EZBZ’s free concierge service can connect you with almost anything. Whether it’s hiring a contractor to lay an asphalt driveway, paintless dent repair for your car or finding the closest pet care provider, EZBZ’s powerful concierge engine will instantly send your request to the businesses in your area that can help. Businesses will then reply directly to your request with information, availability and pricing. There’s no need to waste time searching online or making calls… EZBZ fast tracks the process, so you can focus on more important things.

EZBZ isn’t just here to help users. Small and family owned businesses are the backbone of the Kansas City economy, and we understand that. While other concierge services and search engines will sell your request to the highest bidder, EZBZ sends your request to all the local businesses that can help! This is called honest commerce. EZBZ advocates for honest commerce as we believe that transparency and equality make for a fairer, stronger economy.

So, the next time you need acontractor, repairs, cleaning service, venue for an event, or anything else, submit a request to EZBZ, and you’ll be connected with the Kansas City businesses and services that can help. It’s free, and takes just thirty seconds!