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Harrison, New York

Harrison is a small town and village located just twenty-two miles outside of New York City, with boundaries that give it the approximate shape of a figure-eight. Harrison has a very relaxed atmosphere, and its multiple parks, clean & safe neighborhoods, and short commute to the Big Apple make it a popular destination for parents that work in the city but want to raise their kids in an open-space community. Its proximity to the city also means that it has better access to amenities than your average small town. The renowned Platinum Mile, a stretch of road home to multiple Fortune 500 companies, passes through Harrison, while a thriving small business district is located in the western end of the town.

Despite its convenient location, it’s not always easy to find certain products or services in Harrison unless you have a few hours spare to research online. That’s why it’s common that Harrison residents use EZBZ to find and compare contractors, repair services, and other businesses in the area. EZBZ can help you find the closest provider of nearly any product or service, and it’s completely free.

The annual ‘It’s Great to Live in Harrison’ celebrations that occur on Columbus Day in the town’s center draws a crowd of thousands for a reason – it’s true. This is partly due to the strong community of small businesses that call Harrison home. EZBZ strives to connect users with small businesses in their area, because we believe small and local businesses are the backbone of the American economy. So, the next time you need a contractor to complete some home repairs, or a clown for a kid’s birthday party, try using EZBZ. It’s a free, quick, and easy way to learn about reputable businesses in Harrison that can help you.