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Findlay, Ohio

Findlay, Ohio, also known as Flag City, USA, is a friendly little city that is home to countless families and small businesses. The scenic Blanchard River, which flows through the city, was the inspiration for Tell Taylor’s classic song, “Down by The Old Mill Stream”, and its calming yet upbeat tune perfectly encapsulates Findlay’s atmosphere. Of course, Findlay is more than just a city with the personality of a country town; it is also the home of several large manufacturers, including what is considered to be the largest dishwasher production plant in the world.

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Findlay is an enthusiastically patriotic city, and the residents love EZBZ because it allows them to help support the small and local businesses that call the city their home. Unlike search engines and other concierge services, we won’t sell your request to the highest bidder – we send it to all the local businesses that can help, big and small. It’s what we like to call honest commerce, and it’s one of the ways we can help restore the economy and keep America great.

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