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Crystal Lake, Illinois

A little city with small town charm is one way to describe Crystal Lake, Illinois. Located about an hour from Chicago, this hidden gem charms locals and visitors alike with its lively downtown, fun events, parks, and of course, the lake. Not be confused with its namesake in New Jersey – which was the setting of the Friday the 13th series of horror films – Crystal Lake, Illinois is a safe, friendly city with a strong community of families and hard-working small businesses.  

The proximity to Chicago, and easy access via public transportation, makes Crystal Lake an optimal commuter city. The variety of neighborhoods and their distinct character gives homeowners a varied choice when selecting where to live. Whether you call Crystal Lake home sweet home, or you’re just stopping by, a handy concierge service at your fingertips can make life easier. 

EZBZ is a great way for homeowners to find much needed services for their home, family or pet. With the large amount of single family homes as well as older homes, finding an available contractor can take time. By posting a request on EZBZ, homeowners can receive a list of available home repair professionals and service providers ready to tackle any need for the family and home. Visitors to Crystal Lake can also use EZBZ to request more details on the availability of lodging and packaged deals without spending hours on the telephone calling multiple businesses. 

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