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Blue Diamond, Nevada

Blue Diamond is a unique little town, a far cry from the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas. Originally the home of workers in the nearby gypsum mines, Blue Diamond now consists of a few hundred residents and herds of roaming burros visiting from the nearby park. Its beautiful scenery and proximity to the Red Rock Canyons makes the town a popular stop for hikers and cyclists looking for a day on the trails. Desert plants provide the occasional burst of color to the landscape and a variety of desert wildlife, most of them nocturnal, can be seen including lizards, snakes, and big horned sheep.

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Visitors to the greater Las Vegas area also quick to learn that EZBZ is a great tool for finding nearby activities, such as the Blue Diamond Super Summer Theatre, the pet friendly Spring Mountain Ranch State Park and bike tours provided by Blue Diamond’s local bike rental and repair shop, Mcghies Bike Outpost.

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