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Our concierge makes finding Trampolines EZ!

Given there is a wide selection of trampolines currently available today, finding a suitable one that matches your needs involves comparing different features and specifications. Furthermore, you need to know what to look for prior to shopping around. Shopping for a suitable trampoline takes a lot of effort. Like all major purchases, begin the process by having a good idea of what a well made trampoline should look like.

Safety comes first. So make sure the frame of the trampoline is constructed using sturdy metal while the welds should be smooth enough. Rough welds will cut anyone using the trampoline and snag clothing. If it features springs, spring covers should be provided together with the trampoline.

Also, remember to purchase the right trampoline size that suits your needs. They are categorized as jumbo, medium-sized or miniature. A miniature trampoline can only accommodate one person while a trampoline with a diameter of 12-17 feet can accommodate two or more people.

Springless trampolines are best. The older trampolines that feature springs are dangerous and covering pads do not make the situation any better. Springless trampolines on the other hand rely on fabric straps or elastic materials to achieve the springy effect. Even so, they are less bouncy compared to the traditional trampolines. Since they do not feature springs, they are generally safer.

Buy an enclosure for the trampoline if your budget allows it. The enclosures are wrapped around the trampoline. They work to effectively lower the risk of injury that could easily be caused by falls. Without a suitable enclosure, a trampoline can be very dangerous to use. For this reason, it is a good idea to shop around for a trampoline already fitted with a good enclosure since this equipment may be a little pricey especially if you choose to purchase it separately.