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Our concierge makes finding Tailors EZ!

Whether you need a new outfit made or some alteration made on your dress or suit, you would need a good tailor. Unfortunately, identifying a good tailoring service takes a lot of effort and time. Below are some tips that will guide you through the process of finding a suitable tailor from a list of tailors.

You can begin by asking around. Once you have collected several names, begin doing your research. You should consider hiring a tailor that can create your style. To find the right person to tailor your outfits, find out the level of experience of each of the potential tailors. Also, ask for contacts of past clients. A satisfied client is a very good reference. Begin with at least six names, but never assume they are all happy clients. If you come across candidate who is reluctant to give you a list of references, move on to the next one.

A tailor’s personal view on fashion counts as well. To get your preferred style, deal with a tailor who is a fashion authority. Moreover, the tailor must share in your vision. Discuss styles and fabrics you prefer. Choose a tailor who is open to your suggestions.

To assess the level of skill of a tailor, ask for samples or even photos and determine if the craftsmanship will work for the type of outfit you want made. Browse through samples of materials the potential candidates work with as well.

Once you have identified the most appropriate tailor from a list of tailors, the next most important thing is pricing. Even though it is recommended that you find a tailor capable of delivering according to your budget, do not hire the cheapest tailor. Most importantly, choose a tailor who reflects your taste and style and has an impressive turnaround time.