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In the rural areas where access to public sewer system is limited, poly septic tanks come in handy. Even though there are many different types currently being used all over the country, the Septic Poly Tank also referred to as Absorption Field System is the most popularly used. In this particular system, human waste exits the house and flows into the tank buried underground. The waste stays inside the tank thereby allowing solids to get to the bottom and form sludge. Oils and grease on the other hand will float and form scum. Outlets created on the tank allow the clear effluent that forms in the middle to flow into the field, but scum and sludge are held back. Microbes present in soil digest contaminants before the waste water can reach groundwater.

The size of a house and the number of people residing in the residence are just some of the factors that determine the most suitable size of septic system needed. A home with 6 bedrooms for instance will obviously require a bigger system compared to a home with only 2 bedrooms.

The poly septic tanks are lightweight in nature compared to the concrete types. Furthermore, they are cheaper and easier to install since there is no need of lifting them using heavy equipment. Unlike concrete tanks moving poly septic tanks is a lot easier, regardless of the location. This partly explains why they are so popular.

The cost of installing a septic system will vary widely, although location is a major determining factor of cost. For this reason, it is advisable that you get bids from professional contractors as this enables you to determine the true cost. EZBZ can easily link you up with the right providers and contractors specializing in septic tanks. Simply submit your request at no cost and recommendations of the most suitable professionals shall be provided to you.