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Cleanliness of the roof is something most homeowners tend to ignore. As long as the roof is not leaking, homeowners tend to assume all is well. Having an unclean roof can cause numerous issues which could cause significant damage to your roofing structure if you choose to ignore it. Neglect of the roof causes faster deterioration compared to a clean roof.

Black algae can be found on sections of the roof where there is least sun exposure. Fortunately, shingles made of copper or zinc inhibits growth of algae. Specialists can remove overhanging branches to allow more sunlight. Some people choose to pressure wash off the algae which is a good remedy but proper cleaning is recommended. This can be done by roof cleaning specialists using various cleaning solutions and special equipment. The cleaning agents popularly used by specialists to clean roofs effectively prevent fungus and algae growth. So, hiring a professional to perform the task is strongly recommended.

Debris stains are quite common on low-pitched roofs that are surrounded by trees and overhanging branches. When debris of trees collects, staining occurs and makes the roof look unsightly. If ignored, the piles tend to retain moisture and serious damage to the roof may occur. Both fungus and algae grow on the piles which eventually causes leaks. Lichens, moss and numerous other plant life thrive on roofs that are not cleaned on a regular basis. Roof cleaning is recommended for dealing with this problem.

Black streaking may also occur on the roof. The streaking is caused by a bleed through coming from bituminous material contained in the asphalt shingles. This streaking is commonly attributed to faulty materials. So, apart from cleaning, the shingles may need replacing. Roof cleaning is a vital process that should never be ignored as it maintains and increases longevity of a roof.