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Apart from preventing erosion, retaining walls are stabilizing structures that are built to promote the aesthetic appeal of a home. It also serves as a highly effective technique of draining runoff water and lowering hydrostatic pressure.

One of the most popularly used types of retaining walls is the cantilever wall. This has no form of lateral support built at the top. The structures must be built in such a way that they resist pressures from water and soil. Yet another commonly used retaining wall is the anchored type. Like the name suggests, anchors support the structure. Soil nailing can also be used to reinforce retaining walls even further.

Sheet piling retaining walls are also used on properties where space is an issue and also if soil is too soft. The walls are constructed using vinyl, steel planks or wood.

The type of soil on your property is a factor used to determine the most suitable type of retaining wall that will be constructed. The gradient of a slope and available space are additional factors used to choose a suitable type of retaining wall. In some instances, pipes laid on the property as well as service lines also play a major role in construction. The materials to be used are influenced by things like your budget, the environment, texture and color preferences.

During construction, drainage is an aspect that should never be ignored. Selecting the best drainage method significantly boosts the strength of the structure. To make sure your walls are built properly, hire a contractor who is experienced and skilled enough to handle construction of retaining walls for a wide range of properties. A highly knowledgeable contractor will assess all aspects of the construction and recommend suitable options based on your budget. So, choose the right contractor by consulting EZBZ.