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As a pet owner, one of the most important steps you can take for your relationship with your pet is to invest in pet training courses. Pet training not only allows you to establish desirable behaviors with your pet, it also increases your ability to communicate with your pet. 

In addition to helping pet owners eliminate unwanted behaviors and encourage good behaviors, a professional pet trainer can educate owners on the reasons behind their pets' behaviors. Generally, when pets misbehave, it is not that they are "bad", it is that they are trying to communicate a need or an emotion. Some misbehaviors can be eliminated by addressing an animal's need or modifying the situation to prevent the behavior from occurring in the first place. A good pet trainer can also help identify which issues are due to behavioral problems such as separation anxiety, and offer solutions for a particular pet's needs.

Most pet training that is available is intended for dogs, however, there are some cat training professionals that work with problem housecats. There are even fewer professional trainers available for exotic animals, but they do exist and may be worth contacting for advice in circumstances where a local exotic trainer is not available. While only some cats and exotics require training, all dogs can benefit from pet training. It is best when dogs are enrolled in obedience training as young puppies, but the saying "old dogs can't learn new tricks" isn't true. Adult dogs can and do benefit from training as well.

Some ways you can train your pet include:

-Housebreaking and other training to protect items in your home from your puppy's natural tendencies
-Socialization: teaching your dog to how interact with humans and with other dogs
-The elimination of leash pulling and training for other desireable walking behaviors
-The elimination of barking, pulling, and aggression
-Agility training for keeping your dog fit and engaged
-Crate Training and other solutions for dogs with separation anxiety

There are different methods of pet training. Some of these methods include:

-Clicker training: this method uses a device such as a clicker to create a sound that communicates to your dog that they have demonstrated a desired behavior.
-Positive Reinforcement: the dog receives a reward such as a treat for performing a desired behavior.
-Negative Reinforcement: the trainer removes or withholds something in response to a negative behavior from the animal. This does not have to be a harsh punishment - it can be as simple as temporarily removing your attention from a dog that is misbehaving.

A skilled trainer can help you determine which pet training method is right for your pet and your situation. Consider pet training for your animal as an important way to improve your communication and your bond with them!