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Pet grooming refers to the general care given to all pets for the purposes of enhancing their appearance, hygiene, helping maintain or improve their health, making them comfortable and eventually improve their lifespan. Just like humans, our pets require to be often groomed, not only for them but for the pet owners too as they will be sharing the house and getting into contact now and then.

All pets require daily grooming, but the extent of it depends on the breed, your pet’s health and age. The hairiness of your pet will determine how often you need to groom it as well as how quick its nails grow back and its body size.

Why is pet grooming important?

  • Regular pet grooming reduces chances of many health problems. These may include thrush and scratches.
  • For general cleanliness of your pet.
  • It is a good way of monitoring your pet’s health. You can do this by checking for swellings, cuts, lameness, heat, or any changes in temperament as all these could indicate illness.
  • It is also a good way to create a closer bond between you and your pet. As you rub it, cut its nails or bath it, you get to create a stronger bond.
  • Pet grooming reduces chances your pet’s infestation by external parasites. This is return will reduce skin problems and improve your pet’s general health.

What options are there for pet grooming?

  • Currying. This is done using a curry brush that is curried over your pet’s coat to loosen hair, dirt, and other detritus. This stimulates the skin to produce natural oils.
  • Shedding. This is done using a shedding blade, not for cutting the hair, but for removing the dead hair.
  • Hair trimming. If your breed has long hair, frequent trimming is important to keep your pet cool.
  • Nail trimming. Long and curled nails can give your pet a hard time walking.
  • Dental care. A clean mouth improves your pet’s general health. Find the perfect dental kit for your pet.
  • Bathing. Use some warm water to clean up your pet. If you cannot do it, yourself, take your pet to a professional pet groomer and have it bathed.
  • Creative pet grooming such as painting your pet’s nails or coloring its fur.

Keep your pet well-groomed and it will love you more. You will also enjoy walking with it and cuddle it even more often.