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A child’s early years are often filled with novel experiences and new stimulations that promote social, cognitive and physical development. The initial 3 years are critical for brain growth and development more so if a child experiences restricted or delayed growth. If you notice as a parent that your child needs a good support system for optimal development, occupational therapy is something worth considering.

Children experiencing developmental delays, mental conditions, or physical condition caused by delays can find help through occupational therapy sessions. The therapy sessions help improve cognitive, motor, sensory processing, play and communication skills. Occupational therapy services seek to improve growth and development while minimizing potential for any developmental delays. Moreover, OT therapists work together with families, thereby making sure the affected toddlers’ special needs are taken care of.

The goals of parents of a child guide what occupational therapists do during the early intervention stages. The therapist does an evaluation to identify some of the activities that can be performed during the day for reinforcement of specific skills and improvement of sensory processing.

OT therapists encourage and support the relationship parents have with their kids since children’s desire to learn is based on a caring relationship with the childcare provider and the family of the child. Rewarding and dependable responses provided by occupational therapists motivates children to learn and be proud of their accomplishments while playing. Parents are encouraged to spend time with their children during OT therapist’s visits. This is vital.

Occupational therapy is tailored to suit a child’s parents including his or her siblings. As the needs of a family change, OT therapists adapt and alter the services accordingly. To identify suitable OT therapists capable of meeting the needs of your child and family, submit your inquiry to EZBZ with details of your requirement.