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Our concierge makes finding Movers And Full Service Storage EZ!

Movers and full storage services provide lots benefits. The service involves creating an inventory of all your belongings and listing them on a manifest that clearly describes every single item and its present condition. Once this is completed, they are carefully wrapped and placed carefully in large vaults and transported to a warehouse where they are kept for a period you specify. Here are benefits of using this service.

One of the greatest benefits of using full storage service is that your belongings get better protection than storing them somewhere in your garage. The majority of self storage facilities available today are unheated and damp. So, if your belongings are placed on the floor, they will most likely absorb moisture that creates mildew or mold buildup.

Moving items to and from self storage units can be rather time-consuming especially if the facility is housed in a multi storeyed building. So, if you hire the services of movers, this ends up being costly and time-consuming. Furthermore, the possibility of injury or damage is increased. Full storage services on the other hand save time and money mainly because your belongings are directly transported to a warehouse and loaded efficiently in storage vaults.

The convenience the service provides is yet another aspect that makes it a worthwhile option. Since clients are provided with a manifest indicating all items kept in a full storage unit, you can call the warehouse at any time and make a request for certain items to be delivered without necessarily visiting the warehouse. This can come in handy if you want to ship some items to a different location in the world.

By comparison, transporting your items to a self storage unit or mini storage unit can be rather challenging as it would require you to make a return trip or make arrangements for the shipper’s representative to oversee everything on your behalf. This partly explains why movers and full storage services are preferred.