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Children love to play together in large groups, and when a new school season begins, you are likely to notice your child scratch his or her head. This is an indication that your child’s hair is infested with lice. Although it is common occurrence in girls, boys too are affected. As a parent, you need to identify the problem early enough to prevent further infestation of the scalp and hair. Fortunately, lice treatment options available today can help get rid of this problem. So, you need to take the necessary steps and resolve the lice problem before it becomes worse.

School going children are the most affected by this condition. Lice tend to spread more rapidly through body contact as well as head contact. It spreads among children in school especially when they play together in large groups or work together to complete class projects. Head lice also spread when kids share personal belongings with other children.

The good news is that there are many lice treatment options that are made available today that will resolve the problem fast. They come in form of ointments, shampoos and pesticides. You need to consult a specialist to recommend the best form of lice treatment. The effectiveness of the treatment option chosen really matters. The treatment option you settle on should be able to eliminate lice completely. Fortunately, a good majority of treatment options sold in the market today provide a good success rate by removing a considerable amount of lice.

Also, consider the effects of using a specific treatment option. Note that some lice treatment options have negative side effects that vary from one product to another. For the best results, it is important that you choose a highly effective lice treatment product that can deliver the desired results.