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Our concierge makes finding Lamps and Shades EZ!

Picking the right lamps and shades is similar to selecting the jewelry pieces. It must fit the occasion and the place. If you come across lamps and shades that are not as appealing, then continue searching. There will always be something better.

One of the first things you need to do while trying to find the most suitable shade is to take a look at the lamp. What shape is your lamp? If the lamp has a round base, a round lampshade will work wonders. An angular or square silhouette will look more appealing with a lampshade that is square.

If you have a lamp shade that you would like to replace, you can easily determine the right size by measuring the lampshade and find another one with similar dimensions. To get the exact measurements, measure the top, the diameter of its base and the height.

You can also choose between opaque and translucent lamp shades. However, this depends on your intended purpose or use for the lamp as this will guide your choice. The translucent shades are good for reading or adding ambient light while the opaque shades are perfect for setting a desired mood and highlighting objects.

Owning lamps provides you with a superb way of getting more light into your home. However, if your lamp shades are dull or worn out after many years of usage, replacing them would be a wise idea. If you need new lamps and shades, begin by finding the right size, then proceed to choose materials and colors that work best for you. This may seem challenging initially, but with a little help from EZBZ, the whole process is made easier. EZBZ can easily recommend local suppliers of lamps and shades. Simply fill an inquiry and EZBZ will do the rest.