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Our concierge makes finding Jewelry Repair EZ!

With the right care and maintenance procedures, fine jewelry can offer you a lifetime of luxury and enjoyment. If you look around the web, you will come across jewelry repair service providers offering a wide range of jewelry refinishing, repair, and refurbishment services that allow you to remember the pleasure and joy the piece of jewelry was designed to bring.

The full range of repair services offered by most shops include bezel fittings, watch repair, ring resizing, mountings, retipping prongs, stone replacement, jewelry cleaning and polishing, bracelet repair, necklace repair, fast fix, refurbishment and many more.

If you own a ring that no longer fits you, consider taking it to the expert jewelers who can determine the right size of ring. The repair shops can also professionally size gold, platinum or silver to fit your finger perfectly. Ring resizing is a service that applies to any ring size.

In case gemstones are missing from your favorite jewelry, you will gladly discover that professional jewelers are capable of replacing the stones in your preferred setting. So, whether you are considering solitaires, tension settings, three-stone rings, bezel settings, pavé or channel settings, the job will be done to meet your specific requirements.

Are you considering re-using your older jewelry for the creation of a unique custom design? If yes, then consider looking for a jewelry repair shop that can create a new custom piece of jewelry you will always cherish. The experts use different techniques like hand fabrication and lost wax casting to create beautiful and unique jewelry pieces you desire.

Always consult a reputable jewelry repair shop if you want your priced jewelry piece fixed professionally. This is a guarantee that quality work will be delivered at all times. For more on reputable repair shops, consult EZBZ.