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One in every four children below the age of 5 has sleep issues. Experts confirm that infant sleep issues tend to be behavioral but not medical. Therefore, if your baby is struggling with issues related to his or her sleeping habits, you should take comfort from the fact that many other parents also experience this. Instead of exhausting yourself trying to troubleshoot your baby’s sleep issues, hire an infant sleep trainer instead.

A baby sleep trainer can help you identify the underlying issue that is causing your child to have sleeping problems. The sleep training specialists also work to find a resolution to the issue in a compassionate and gentle manner. The specialists achieve this by providing relevant advice, support, and encouragement as they help your baby learn how to sleep without assistance.

The services of an infant sleep trainer will come in handy if you constantly have to rock, swing or nurse your baby to sleep. If your baby also has trouble getting sleep and wakes up a number of times at night, then you might want to consider hiring professional help.

Parents are encouraged to adopt a sleep training approach that is safe, gentle and simple to follow through. Note that no sleep coaching method is a one-size-fits-all. The training method that works for another family’s baby may not work for your baby. Success is largely dependent on the parents’ ability to stay committed to a plan. Baby sleep trainers partner with parents to provide customized sleep training plans while taking into consideration child’s health, age, needs, development, family dynamic, and parenting style.

Infant sleep trainers provide consultation in person while others do it over the phone. The specialists additionally review the sleep history and the medical history of your baby. A good sleep trainer will take the time to learn about your child’s temperament, your family philosophy, preferences and sleep goals.