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Granite is a widely used countertop material. It exudes elegance, quality, and durability. The material is efficiently used in homes, pavements, buildings, monuments, and bridges. In many homes, you will find granite used in bathrooms and kitchens mostly because the material is easy to clean and durable. Moreover, they are preferred because they are a good choice for beautiful and decorative materials. Even so, granite has many more uses other than bathrooms and kitchen countertops.

Granite is commonly used as tabletops and countertops. The material is used to create kitchen counters, bar counters, bathroom counters, mantelpieces, and vanity countertops. Granite is a preferred choice for making countertops since it is shiny and has a modern look when polished. Granite colors are quite many and some elegant colors include black, pink, white, brown, and gray. The material is not just easy to clean, but is moisture and heat resistant as well.

Yet another fantastic way granite is used is creation of backsplashes. When granite backsplash is installed in the kitchen, the space will appear even more elegant as it will match the already installed granite countertops. Since the material can easily withstand moisture, most homeowners prefer to have it installed as a barrier between walls and the areas that are exposed to moisture.

Meticulous people who would rather not deal with floor stains caused by spills prefer granite as a floor material. Besides being resistant to stains and spills, the material cannot be damaged by heat. Furthermore, it provides and elegant vintage look to the interior of your home.

Granite is also commonly used as a replacement for traditional metal sinks for the simple reason that it makes a home safer due to its ability to withstand moisture. To find granite for different applications, create an inquiry and submit it to EZBZ.