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Building remodeling, commercial projects, residential as well as other numerous construction projects all require expertise. The success of such projects depend Portland general contractor hired to complete it. The results can however become disastrous if you fail to take the necessary measures to hire a qualified general contractor to do Portland home repair or any other related projects.

Portland general contractors are basically tasked with the responsibility of ensuring construction projects flow smoothly. For this reason, your appointed general contractor needs to be knowledgeable and easy to communicate with. To identify the right contractor who can meet your accomplish your project needs, find out the period of time the firms have been in business. The experience gather over the years is an important aspect as it determines whether your project will be completed in time.

Even cost is one of the other major factors that people use to choose a suitable general contractor in Portland OR, refrain from getting the lowest bidding contractor. You should instead opt for a professional who charges fairly and can deliver on your project requirements in a timely fashion. Consider posting a free inquiry on EZBZ with the project details to find your preferred Portland home renovation or Portland home improvement general contractor.

5555 SW 207th Ave Beaverton, OR
17447 S Bradley Rd Oregon City, OR
3560 NE 120th Ave Beaverton, OR
2200 Broadway Suite L Vancouver, WA
836 NE 24th Ave Portland, OR
9550 SE Clackamas Rd Clackamas, OR
3045 SW 207th Ave Beaverton, OR
13770 SE Ambler Rd Clackamas, OR
7849 SW Cirrus Drive Beaverton, OR
Gresham, OR
3560 NE 120th Ave Portland, OR
21444 NE Sandy Blvd Fairview, OR
7320 NE St Johns Rd Vancouver, WA
2050 Beavercreek Rd Ste 308 Oregon City, OR
8850 SE Otty Rd Happy Valley, OR
12849 NE Airport Way Portland, OR
2208 NW Birdsdale Ave Ste 3 Gresham, OR
5516 SE Foxfire St Portland, OR
6603 kansas st Vancouver, WA
16285 SW 85th Ave #404 Tigard, OR
1556 61st St Brooklyn, NY
5775 SW 183rd Ave Beaverton, OR
5334 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy , OR
18320 SW Deloris Ln Aloha, OR
7255 SW Norwood Rd. , OR
8608 N. Seward Ave Portland, OR
8603 SE Stark St Portland, OR
11580 SW 67th Ave Portland, OR
9550 SE Clackamas Rd Clackamas, OR
3231-3235 North Michigan Avenue Portland, OR
2545 NE 23rd Ave Portland, OR
6538 SE 90th Ave Portland, OR
10432 SW 52 Ave Portland, OR
5600 NE 122nd Ave. Portland, OR
20736 SW Lebeau Rd Sherwood, OR
677 Fourth St Lake Oswego, OR
6400 SE 101st Ave Portland, OR
11120 NE Marx St, Portland, OR
8051 Arco Corporate Drive Raleigh, NC
2950 NW 29th Ave, Portland, OR
15573 Bangy Rd Beaverton, OR
Portland, OR
5005 NE Fremont St Portland, OR
1951 NW Overton St Portland, OR
1020 Southeast Harrison Street Portland, OR
7350 SW Landmark Ln Ste 114 Portland, OR
2700 NE Burton Rd Ste B Vancouver, WA
8890 SE McLoughlin Blvd Portland, OR
3631 NW John Olsen Pl Hillsboro, OR
814 SE 46th Ave Portland, OR
13500 SW Pacific Hwy Portland, OR
5130 Kings Plz Brooklyn, NY
7956 SE 13th Ave Portland, OR
9425 N Burrage Ave Portland, OR
4110 NE 122nd Ave Suite 125 Portland, OR
5802 N Greeley Ave Portland, OR
1100 SE Grand Ave Ste 202 Portland, OR
1638 NW Overton St Portland, OR
1650 NE Lombard St Portland, OR
2000 SE Hanna Harvester DR Portland, OR
15330 SE 82nd Dr Clackamas, OR
1300 SW 5th Ave # 3050 Portland, OR
610 SW Broadway #500 Portland, OR
1215 SE Single Tree Dr Vancouver, WA
1600 NW 167th Pl Ste 330 Beaverton, OR
5950 SW Prosperity Park Rd Tualatin, OR
1701 Broadway St #331 Vancouver, WA
3045 SE 61st Ct Hillsboro, OR
16701 SE McGillivray Blvd Vancouver, WA
10900 Hefner Pointe Drive, Suite 305 Oklahoma City, OK
8630 SW Scholls Ferry Rd Beaverton, OR
17045 Holly Ln Oregon City, OR
5525 NW Skyline Blvd Portland, OR
7185 Monte Verde Dr Portland, OR
2725 NE Columbia Blvd Vancouver, WA
1729 NE Siskiyou St Vancouver, WA
2133 NW York St Vancouver, WA
2233 NE 15th Ave Vancouver, WA
1501 NE 72nd St Vancouver, WA
4160 SW 109th Ave Vancouver, WA
5402 NE Columbia Blvd Vancouver, WA
1937 NE Broadway St Suite B Vancouver, WA
24410 John R Rd Hazel Park, MI
12825 SE Scott Creek Ln Vancouver, WA
4804 NE 18th Ave Vancouver, WA
3326 NE 12th Ave Vancouver, WA
7608 SW Hood Ave Portland, OR
7140 SW 78th Ave Portland, OR
17443 NE Flanders St Portland, OR
2020 NE 194th Ave Portland, OR
5230 NE 109th Ave Portland, OR
Portland, OR
11820 SW Tiedeman Ave Portland, OR
1340 NW 209th Ln Beaverton, OR
7001 Blue Rd Cable, OH
2091 S 1st St Saint Helens, OR
8700 NE Emerson St Vancouver, WA
5404 NE 112th Ave Vancouver, WA
4505 NE Tillamook St Vancouver, WA
12439 NE Marx St Vancouver, WA
818 SW 3rd Ave # 56 Vancouver, WA
128 NE Broadway St Vancouver, WA
13500 SW Pacific Hwy PMB 490 Portland, OR
7201 SE Antigua Ave Portland, OR
17255 Pilkington Rd Beaverton, OR
1204 SE Water Ave Portland, OR
3730 N Suttle Rd # B Portland, OR
5755 Willow Ln Portland, OR
9920 N Vancouver Way Portland, OR
8835 SW Canyon Ln Ste 305 Portland, OR
14945 SW 72nd Ave Portland, OR
15350 SW Sequoia Pkwy # 125 Portland, OR
10117 SE Sunnyside Rd Portland, OR
3007 NE 181st Ave Portland, OR
8850 SE Otty Rd Portland, OR
1834 SW 58th Ave Ste 102 Portland, OR
8625 SW Cascade Ave # 100 Beaverton, OR
524 Country Club Rd Portland, OR
133 E Historic Columbia River Hwy Portland, OR
425 NW 10th Ave Ste 200 Portland, OR
16869 65th Ave Ste 332 Portland, OR
114 NE 7th Ave Portland, OR
1120 SE Mall St Portland, OR
437 N Columbia Blvd Portland, OR
10740 SW Lancaster Rd Portland, OR
4888 NW Bethany Blvd Ste K5 Portland, OR
2303 N Randolph Ave Portland, OR
2020 NE 194th Ave Portland, OR
15220 SW 79th Ave Portland, OR
8037 SW 17th Ave Portland, OR
232 SE Oak St Portland, OR
7017 NE Highway 99 Vancouver, WA
10728 SW 11th Dr Portland, OR
4080 SE International Way Ste B113 Portland, OR
121 SW Salmon St, Suite 1100 Portland, OR
2300 SW 1st Ave # 103 Portland, OR
8383 NE Sandy Blvd Ste 455 Portland, OR
9414 SW Barbur Blvd Ste 150 Portland, OR
2701 NW Vaughn St Ste 453 Portland, OR
15840 NW Dairy Creek Rd North Plains, OR
16460 SW 72nd Ave, Bldg 6 Portland, OR
4215 SW Comus St Lake Oswego, OR
8824 SE 9th Ave Lake Oswego, OR
6304 SE 22nd Ave Lake Oswego, OR
3377 SE 21st Ave Portland, OR
PO Box 2044 Lake Oswego, OR
3741 SE 134th Ave Portland, OR
14224 SE Pine Ct Vancouver, WA
3606 SE 168th Ave Vancouver, WA
14710 SE Lee Ave Beavercreek, OR
2010 SW 217th Ave Beaverton, OR
3717 NW Saint Helens Rd Portland, OR
8421 N Columbia Blvd Portland, OR
8900 SW Burnham St, F-18 Portland, OR
11954 NE Glisan St # 309 Gresham, OR
436 NE 63rd Ave Beaverton, OR
13031 NE Weidler St Beaverton, OR
7350 SW Landmark Ln # 114 Beaverton, OR
7300 SW Landmark Ln Portland, OR
P.O. box 2341 Tualatin, OR
17428 Boones Ferry Rd Portland, OR
PMB 507 12042 SE Sunnyside Rd Clackamas, OR
128 NE 127th Ave Portland, OR
18021 Chickaree Dr Oregon City, OR
Portland, OR
7205 NE Mallory Ave Portland, OR
5775 Jean Rd Lake Oswego, OR
17721 NE Riverside Pkwy Portland, OR
941 NW Naito Pkwy Portland, OR
6720 SW Macadam Ave Ste 310 Portland, OR
2808 NE M L King Blvd Portland, OR
2720 SW Corbett Ave Portland, OR
2546 NW Wilson St Portland, OR
PO Box 901019 Portland, OR
28495 SE Powell Valley Rd Gresham, OR
815 NE 172nd Ave Vancouver, WA
58645 McNulty Way Saint Helens, OR
6610 NW Whitney Rd Vancouver, WA
3443 NE 75th Ave Portland, OR
17039 SW Edy Rd Sherwood, OR
13808 NE Airport Way Portland, OR
15655 SW 74th Ave. Suite 230 Tigard, OR
14505 SE Highway 212 Clackamas, OR
6002 Jean Rd Lake Oswego, OR
7350 SW Landmark Ln Ste 110 Portland, OR
49 NE Going St # 12 Portland, OR
Beaverton, OR
Beaverton, OR
4255 NW Twilight Ter Portland, OR
24 Greenway Plz Houston, TX
6135 NE 80th Ave Ste A3 Portland, OR
319 SW Washington St Portland, OR
2305 SE 50th Ave Portland, OR
12705 SW Herman Rd Tualatin, OR
19020 SW Cipole Rd Ste A Tualatin, OR
342 RR 2 Hillsboro, OR
2256 N Albina Ave Ste 170 Portland, OR
21225 SW Tualatin Valley Hwy Beaverton, OR
415 S McLoughlin Blvd Oregon City, OR
2801 E 5th St Vancouver, WA
9407 NE Vancouver Mall Dr Vancouver, WA
6300 NE 117th Ave Ste B1 Vancouver, WA
2303 N Randolph Ave Portland, OR
9120 NE Vancouver Mall Loop Suite 220 Vancouver, WA
1000 SW Broadway # 1520 Portland, OR
2100 SW River Pkwy Portland, OR
6816 SE Belmont St Portland, OR
5511 NE 116th St Vancouver, WA
729 Molalla Ave # 1 Oregon City, OR
425 NW 10th Ave # 200 Portland, OR
6806 N Monteith Ave Portland, OR
5200 Meadows Rd Ste 200 Lake Oswego, OR
21930 SW Scholls Sherwood Rd Sherwood, OR
3107 NE 65th St Ste D Vancouver, WA
13990 SW Galbreath Dr Sherwood, OR
5201 SW Westgate Dr Portland, OR
707 SW Washington St Portland, OR
11125 SW Barbur Blvd Portland, OR
PO BOX 5531 Vancouver, WA
5775 SW 183rd Ave Vancouver, WA
1600 NW 167th Pl Ste 330 Portland, OR
9965 SW Arctic Dr Vancouver, WA
10934 sw celeste ln Portland, OR
16007 SE 122nd Ave Portland, OR
2148 NE M L King Blvd Portland, OR
415 N State St Portland, OR
5235 NE 112th Ave Portland, OR
SE 21st Ave Lake Oswego, OR
16771 Boones Ferry Rd Lake Oswego, OR
1259 Inner Loop Rd Atlanta, GA
Beavercreek, OR
Beavercreek, OR
1107 SE 148th Ave Camas, WA
2743 SE 62nd Ave Portland, OR
1532 SW Morrison St Portland, OR
4550 SW Betts Ave,No 2082 Beaverton, OR
7754 Camargo Rd Cincinnati, OH
5703 NE St James Rd Vancouver, WA
9200 SW Rodlun Rd Gresham, OR
7350 SW Landmark Ln Ste 114 Portland, OR
Portland, OR
1098 Clearview Ave NE Keizer, OR
13493 SW 75th Pl Portland, OR
2305 SE 9th Ave Beaverton, OR
PO Box 82612 Beaverton, OR
7710 NE 17th Ave Gresham, OR
8406 NE 13th Ave Vancouver, WA
11811C NE 72nd Ave Vancouver, WA
5333 SE 38th Ave Camas, WA
4546 NE 21st Ave Portland, OR
12647 SE Stark St Beaverton, OR
Beavercreek, OR
5220 NE Columbia Blvd Portland, OR
21510 NW Farm Park Dr Hillsboro, OR
2201 Lloyd Ctr Portland, OR
15330 SE 82nd Dr Beavercreek, OR
10005 E Burnside St Portland, OR
25635 Kimberly Dr West Linn, OR
4625 SW Shattuck Rd Portland, OR
10789 SE 99th DR. Happy Valley, OR
14925 SW Millikan Way Apt 731 Beaverton, OR
2092 NW Aloclek Dr Suite 517 Hillsboro, OR
700 SW Industrial Way Ste F Aurora, OR
12810 NE 152nd Ave Vancouver, WA
19776 SE Stark St Unit 15 Portland, OR
PO Box 1846 Tualatin, OR
7625 SW Canyon Ln Portland, OR
600 SE Maritime Ave Vancouver, WA
5241 SE King George Ct Portland, OR
1530 SW Taylor St Portland, OR
12600 SW 72nd Ave Ste 200 Portland, OR
7201 SE Antigua Ave Portland, OR
7632 SW 34th Ave Portland, OR
10414 SE Pine St # S107 Portland, OR
6404 SW Loop Dr Portland, OR
4492 Route 130 S Portland, OR
8717 N Lombard St Portland, OR
1926 SE Woodward St Portland, OR
31 W Lone Cactus Dr Phoenix, AZ
5 Centerpointe Dr Ste 400 Lake Oswego, OR
14300 SE Industrial Way Clackamas, OR
16119 SE Evelyn St Portland, OR
3315 NE 112th Ave Vancouver, WA
6806 NE Highway 99 Vancouver, WA
3780 Boone Rd SE Salem, OR
12514 NE 95th St Ste C100 Vancouver, WA
2630 NW Saint Helens Rd Portland, OR
7357 SW Beveland Rd Vancouver, WA
8811 NE Sandy Blvd Vancouver, WA
4600 NE 138th Ave Portland, OR
18187 S Matthew Ct Oregon City, OR
16081 S Moore Rd Oregon City, OR
315 SE 7th Ave Portland, OR
15555 Bangy Rd Ste 201 Lake Oswego, OR
14505 SE Highway 212 Clackamas, OR
20700 S Leland Rd Oregon City, OR
95 Foothills Rd Lake Oswego, OR
15198 S Spangler Rd Oregon City, OR
16119 SE Evelyn St Clackamas, OR
Woodburn, OR
87 SE Stark St. Portland, OR
3612 NE 143rd Ave Vancouver, WA
3 Monroe Parkway Suite P Lake Oswego, OR
2222 NE 203rd Ave Camas, WA
8300 SW Hunziker St Portland, OR
5405 N Lagoon Ave Portland, OR
10500 SW Clydesdale Ter Beaverton, OR
16605 SW Oak St Beaverton, OR
Sandy, OR
619 SE 12th Ave Camas, WA
2630 SE Ada Ln Portland, OR
4578 SW 103rd Ave Beaverton, OR
4045 SE Washington St Milwaukie, OR
3400 SW 209th Ave Beaverton, OR
19975 SW Cipole Rd Sherwood, OR
845 NW Dunbar Ave Ste 110 Troutdale, OR
2700 NE Burton Rd Suite A Camas, WA
10250 NE Marx St Vancouver, WA
4817 SE 61st Ave Portland, OR
99901 NE 7th Ave Suite C119 Vancouver, WA
16016 SE Keller Rd Damascus, OR
24824 S Newkirchner Rd Oregon City, OR
12012 NE 14th St Vancouver, WA
8810 SE Herbert Ct Clackamas, OR
11030 SE 92nd Ct Portland, OR
18315 Portland Ave Gladstone, OR
14968 Emerson Ct Oregon City, OR
22910 NE 92nd Ave Vancouver, WA
Clackamas, OR
1737 SE 106th Ave Camas, WA
Beavercreek, OR
4647 SW Huber St Lake Oswego, OR
4501 NE Minnehaha St Vancouver, WA
721 NW 9th Ave Portland, OR
520 SW Yamhill St # 900 Portland, OR
4815 NE 62nd Ave Portland, OR
9267 SW 2nd Ave Portland, OR
15019 NE 20th Ave Vancouver, WA
15520 SE East Ave Portland, OR
919 SW Taylor St # 250 Portland, OR
1120 NW Couch St # 730 Portland, OR
1822 SW Madison St Portland, OR
516 SE Morrison St # 1000 Portland, OR
2300 SW 1st Ave # 103 Portland, OR
14465 SW Sexton Mtn Dr. #D Beaverton, OR
5915 SE Division St Portland, OR
12900 SW Scout Dr Beaverton, OR
2808 NE M L King Blvd Portland, OR
3817 N Williams Ave Portland, OR
1410 SE 51st Ave Portland, OR
PO Box 820074 Portland, OR
6421 NE Colwood Way Portland, OR
8001 NE 14th Pl Portland, OR
6712 N Cutter Cir Portland, OR
19020 SW Cipole Rd Ste A Tualatin, OR
2630 NW Saint Helens Rd Portland, OR
PO Box 1505 Sherwood, OR
9640 SW Sunshine Ct # 800 Beaverton, OR
10595 SW Manhasset Dr Tualatin, OR
1815 NW 169th Pl Beaverton, OR
21070 SW Tile Flat Rd Beaverton, OR
8705 SW Nimbus Ave # 118 Beaverton, OR
21360 NW Amberwood Dr Hillsboro, OR
19570 SW 90th Ct Tualatin, OR
16100 NW Cornell Rd Ste 100 Beaverton, OR
Vancouver, WA
15865 SW 74th Ave # 110 Portland, OR