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Food trucks are gaining popularity and they can now be seen more at fundraisers, private events, festivals and state fairs. This can be attributed to the fact that the trucks offer diversity when it comes to food options. There is an assortment of food trucks available for sale or hire. However, to secure the best deal in the market, you need to shop around. The task may be quite daunting for someone who does not clearly understand his or her immediate needs when it comes to hiring a buying a food truck. Below are factors to take into account.

Prior to hiring a food truck, consider the attendance estimates. Food vendors often begin the preparations for large events several days in advance. So, you need to confirm the number of attendees you will be feeding. As the date of the event approaches, confirm the exact number of attendees and keep yourself updated on a weekly basis.

The number of food trucks expected at the event. Most companies in this business will often recommend one truck for every 300 attendees particularly if the party or event is more focused on eating. However, if eating is not the primary focus of the event, consider using a ratio of one truck for every 500 attendees. For a successful party or event, each food truck should serve an average of 40-60 customers each hour, although this number may be affected by a number of factors. However, when deciding the number of food trucks you want at an event, do not just focus on the number of people you expect at the event. Consider the number of people that will actually eat at the event.

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