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Our concierge makes finding Firewood EZ!

As you prepare to buy firewood, you need to know exactly what you want since there are numerous firewood types available and firewood prices also vary from one vendor to another. Instead of wasting energy and money on inferior types of wood, take the necessary measures and choose wisely. The best quality firewood will maximize on efficiency and performance of your wood burning heating appliance or fireplace. Below are useful tips to guide you as you shop around for the best firewood.

Well-seasoned firewood is the best. To guarantee that firewood is well-seasoned, it must be cut and given sufficient time to release excess moisture. Properly seasoned wood has approximately 20% moisture content while freshly cut wood has moisture content of 50%. You would obviously have lots of trouble building a fire with wet firewood. Therefore, choose seasoned or dry firewood instead.

As you shop around for the right firewood for your fireplace, a moisture meter can really come in handy as it indicates the exact moisture content of wood. So, use the meter to test moisture content of wood. You can also hit two pieces of firewood together to determine whether or not it is well-seasoned. A hollow ringing sound clearly indicates that the wood is dry enough to be used as firewood. A dull and thudding sound on the other hand means the wood has not had enough time to dry.

No matter the type of firewood you prefer to burn in your fireplace, make sure you get seasoned firewood as this saves both energy and money. If you are still not so sure about how to find the best type of firewood, simply fill an inquiry with EZBZ and indicate your specific requirements. EZBZ can help by recommending the best firewood sellers near you.