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Our concierge makes finding Feng Shui EZ!

If you are considering Feng Shui, then it is imperative that you choose a good consultant. Asking the potential consultants questions is vital in the process of selecting a suitable Feng Shui consultant. Do not hesitate to ask questions more so if you want proper consultation services offered to you.

The best consultants in the trade will check your BaZi before making any recommendations for your property. Therefore, ask if the BaZi consultation is part of the pricing or package. Some consultants charge it separately. Moreover, you need to find out if the audit of your property includes the date selection.

Are there any follow-up sessions offered afterwards or will any report be issued? Find out from potential consultants if the charges quoted includes the follow-up sessions that aim to discuss the recommendations and the audit results. Also, ask the prospective consultant if he will provide you with a report detailing the recommendations. If the consultants you are considering do not offer any follow-up sessions or even a written report, it does not mean they are not professionals. This process is important as it lets you know early in advance if you have to make additional payments for the follow-up session.

You should at least know the methodology that will be applied by your prospective consultant. Choose a consultant whose methodology or approach you are comfortable with. You could either choose the New Age approach or the Classical Feng Shui experts. Classical Feng Shui specialists use a combination of techniques.

During the initial consultation, do not shy from asking about costs. A good majority of the Feng Shui experts are upfront about the fees they charge for their services. Consequently, you can choose a consultant whose charges match your budget. For more recommendations, consult EZBZ today.