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Our concierge makes finding Eyebrow Threading EZ!

Eyebrow threading is a hair removal technique that has been practiced for many years among beautiful women of Middle East and Asia. It is mostly considered a better alternative to tweezing or waxing especially on sensitive skin. Unlike waxing or other popularly used methods, eyebrow threading does not remove the layer of your skin. This hair removal method leaves a clean, superb brow with well-defined edges.

To perform this procedure, a threading specialist uses a piece of cotton thread. The thread is twisted to form a double strand that is swept on the skin. The unwanted hair is secured using the thread and raised from the follicle with finesse and precision. The procedure is performed in a rhythmic and hypnotic movement.

Unlike brow waxing, eyebrow threading causes very minimal discomfort. Since it mainly targets the individual hairs, eyebrow threading only causes very minimal skin irritation. The process additionally ensures excessive pulling is eliminated.

Threading has quickly become popular and is now considered a more superior option compared to sugaring, waxing or tweezing. For this reason, salons in the US have witnessed a growing demand for the service. The threading method involves very little to no discomfort and eliminates the need to use waxing. Because threading requires a lot of precision, threading specialists can sharpen their artistry skills and create perfect brows that match your face and personality.

With threading, the eyebrow is carefully shaped from the top and underneath. Tweezing on the other hand can remove wrong hairs thereby creating divots or holes to the shape of your eyebrows. For the best threading for your eyebrows, simply submit your inquiry to EZBZ in order to be provided with the right service providers in your area.