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Embroidery is a handicraft or an art that involves creation of decorated fabrics. It is also a handicraft used popularly for decorating other materials using needle, thread or yarn. Other materials like pearls, beads, quills and sequins may also be incorporated into the embroidery. Embroidery suits hats, dress shirts, golf shirts, stockings, coats, denim among others.

Note that evolutionary and technological advancements have been witnessed in embroidery. The initial changes were noticed in the industrial revolution age when machines were utilized to create embroidery products. Today, highly innovative machines are popularly used to create gorgeous embroidery items and designs. It has also become a key economic sector since there is currently a considerable number of people who make a living by engaging in the art of embroidery.

Modern embroidery machines use software to create some of the most creative and unique stitch patterns of embroidery. The procedure also cuts down the time spent creating the pieces quite significantly. Furthermore, modern machines are now used to produce heavy designs of embroidery at a lower cost while enabling specialists to use innovative styles of embroidery. It is worth noting that renowned clothing lines have widely adopted use of machine embroidery services provided by embroidery companies. With the digitization of the services, demand for embroidered clothing items has gone up quite steadily. Besides, the digitized embroidery items are also downloadable from the web. Furthermore, there are plenty of embroidery companies that sell their patterns and designs which can be used for creation of beautifully embroidered clothing items.

Household embroidery designs and patterns on the other hand can be used to create gorgeous curtains, carpets and many more. Logo designs are used to create custom designs for caps, gloves, jackets and shoes. The designs can either be complex or simple, although this is determined by your specific embroidery design and pattern needs.