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Our concierge makes finding Day Care Centers EZ!

Finding the most suitable day care center is one of the most critical and stressful decisions a parent must make. Mothers and fathers often need to identify a day care center that meets the highest possible standards regarding the care and nurturing of their child’s development while also satisfying their schedule and budget requirements. It can be a difficult or cumbersome task to identify options; especially ones that help your child grow and develop appropriate social skills while building relationships with other kids and teachers. EZBZ’s personal assistant concierge service is available to help parents identify options in an instant!

When evaluating prospective day care centers, it’s important to note that no federal guidelines or standards have been put in place to regulate childcare centers. Rather, guidelines are handled on a state level with regulations and licensing varying from one state to another. So, you may have to do a bit of research. Gather as much information as you possibly can and assess the standards of prospective day care centers.

The teachers at your preferred childcare center should be intelligent and creative. Moreover, they need to have sufficient training and education as well. So, find out if teachers at the establishment have degrees in early childhood education. Good centers also train their staff on a yearly basis with the aim of sharpening their skills.

Look for a center that has a well organized space and has a wide variety of toys and materials. You can also check on the weekly and daily schedules. The center should ideally provide numerous activities such as music, art, reading, dramatic play and outdoor reading.

Find out about the centers’ safety and health policies. The renowned centers will gladly share this information with you. Make sure each adult working at the child care center has been vetted and is certified to perform first aid and CPR.

EZBZ can help you locate the appropriate child care center for your child by recommending a number of renowned child care centers near you. This is a more efficient method that yields faster results.