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Our concierge makes finding Credit and Debt Counseling EZ!

Many organizations provide credit and debt counseling nowadays. A good number of them offer reputable services with the intent to help consumers resolve debt troubles. Despite this, some charge high fees and provide questionable advice to consumers while others also fail to deliver services promised. So, how do you go about finding a reputable organization capable of offering credit and debt counseling services at a reasonable fee? Continue reading to find out more.

To ensure you get the right services from your preferred agency, you need to choose wisely. Confirm that the agency you would like to hire is a member of a regulatory association or an association. This is a guarantee that the agency adheres to regulations.

Check and confirm that the agency employs competent and certified counselors. Apart from completing an internal training program, credit and debt counselors are required to pass certification exams that test the understanding and competence on areas like budgeting, credit law, consumer law, counseling, bankruptcy and debt management.

Substantive education and counseling should be offered as well. The credit and debt counseling session should ideally be conducted on one-on-one basis. The session should cover your current financial situation, income, debt, expenses and how you got yourself into this predicament. A good counselor will also take some time and cover your goals as well. Once the session is completed, you should be provided with a proposed plan, presentation of options and the next steps. Free educational materials should also be given to clients as well as the option for attending follow-up counseling sessions.

Most importantly, an organization or agency offering credit and debt counseling services should have a clean record. If you would like a recommendation of the best and dependable services, submit your request today to EZBZ.