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Our concierge makes finding Clock Repair EZ!

Although newer generation clocks are easier to repair, the older antique clocks that are collector’s items and hold sentimental or financial value require highly skilled clock repair service. The antique clocks are fitted with more complex movements which should only be repaired or handled by professionals.

Even though most modern clocks are easily repairable by cleaning, rewinding, or replacing the batteries with newer ones, problems experienced with the older antique clocks should ideally be repaired by highly experienced and skilled professionals. The construction of antique clocks is more delicate compared to their newer counterparts. As a result, DIY or home repairs will cause more damage to your antique clock.

Even cleaning a cuckoo, mantel or grandfather clock is quite complicated. Professionals refer to the process as an ‘overhaul’ mainly because a complete disassembly is involved. Without skilled or trained hands, navigating the delicate pats is almost impossible. Moreover, removing old oil or dirt from the interior may not be possible without the right tools. Experts use specialized cleaning techniques that effectively remove all debris and dirt present in the clock without compromising the mechanisms.

Since antique clocks are highly sensitive, it is imperative that you find the right professional to do the necessary repairs. Most professionals offer warranties for the repairs. So, you can rest assured knowing your watch will last a longer period before it malfunctions again. Note that even the modern mechanical clocks require professional hands. Choosing a skilled clock repair service prevents further damage from occurring to your watch.

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