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There are several reasons why someone may be in need of a cleaning service. Often a service is used as a one time event. This would be the case if a person were moving into or out of a house or apartment and chose to have heavy duty cleaning taken care of by someone else.
More often, someone is looking for an on-going service. Many variations are included in this category. Maybe all that is called for is a once an month, or even less frequent service. Expectations may be to just do the heavy cleaning, like the kitchen appliances or carpets.

Today 's families are often found with both parents working. This has caused the use of a cleaning or maid service to move from the category of a luxury item to an essential service, in many cases.
When the decision has been made by a family to hire a cleaning service, a list of expectations needs to be made. It is important to know just how many services need to be provided as well as how often they should be done. This is individual to each household. A big family with a pet or pets, will certainly have greater requirements for services than a quiet living couple.

Ask for as many referrals as you have time to interview. More than anything, you want a service that is reliable and highly regarded in the community. It is better to hire a service rather than an individual if you want to eliminate liability. You will then not be responsible for unpaid taxes by the employee. It will also exempt you from injury on the job if this should occur. Even though the person doing the work does not work directly for you, it is important that you develop a good personal relationship with him or her. Build trust and you will be more comfortable and have better results.