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Has your valuable piece of antique furniture suffered damage? There is no need to panic because antique repair and restoration specialists can open endless possibilities. Regardless of whether your highly valued antique chairs require upholstering or your coffee table needs to be restored, you will be happy to learn that your valuable furniture pieces can be brought back to order thus making them elegant again. Below are some procedures carried out by antique restoration and repair experts.

Cleaning is done before any other procedures are performed. This is process is vital as it removes dust and dust from the surfaces. The crevices are also cleaned thoroughly to eliminate all forms of dirt. Carefully selected cleaning agents are used to ensure they do not dilute or damage the original tint.

Whether the furniture item was used frequently or not, it is thoroughly assessed for damages prior to commencement of restoration work. Some forms of damage include discoloration or chipped material. The professionals begin by looking for broken knobs, scratches or non-functioning locks.

Finishing is an exciting part of the project as it involves painting or application of stain. An expert will do his best to make an antique furniture piece look new by recreating the original look. Paints and stains give antique pieces of furniture a pleasant and fresh look. They additionally protect the material from the harmful effects of moisture and dirt and prolong longevity as well.

No restoration job is complete without the necessary repairs. Fortunately, antique repair and restoration experts use quality parts and replace worn out and broken parts. Since the procedures involved require skill and professionalism, restoration of antiques should best be performed by an expert. To find dependable antique repair and restoration specialists, talk to EZBZ today for the best recommendations.