LeBeau Chocolates & Confections
LeBeau Chocolates & Confections
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239 Farms Village Road Simsbury, CT 06092
Minority Owned Business
M-F 7:00 AM - 7:00 AM
Candy Stores,
West Simsbury, CT, Piscataway, NJ,
LeBeau Chocolates & Confections is an artisan Steampunk-themed shop that uses fair trade and New England based ingredients.

​LeBeau’s Chocolates and Confections have been doling out tasty artisan treats for years, but no one has seen this elusive chef instructor and chocolatier. Get the scoop from writer Nikki Woolfolk about Chef LeBeau and rumors of a cookbook and book series based on LeBeau’s adventures in cooking and solving mysteries coming out 2017! Get answers, get chocolate, get hooked!

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