Diversified Energy Corp
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2020 W Guadalupe Rd Gilbert, AZ 85233
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In times of great need there is rarely a single and all-encompassing "silver bullet" solution. The most prudent approach often centers on a long-term focus and commitment to explore all available avenues to address the challenge. This is precisely the scenario the U.S. faces today and it represents the fundamental premise on which Diversified Energy Corporation was formed. Through a broad-based portfolio of alternative and renewable energy sources, the U.S. can tip the scale in our favor and away from an addiction to traditional supplies ' the most troublesome being petroleum. All credible solutions need to be explored, and those which offer the most promise should be quickly identified and taken to the next level. Coal, oil shale, biomass, algae, municipal solid waste, wave power, solar, wind, and other energy sources should all be explored. These raw energy sources can be converted, often very cleanly, by advanced technologies into electricity, transportation fuels, and various gases and chemicals. Some energy sources and technologies may prove viable, others may not, and the timing for market adoption will vary, but a "diversified" portfolio is the right answer. Diversified Energy is following this strategy. The company is commercializing a series of promising alternative and renewable energy technologies ' an advanced coal gasification technique with feedstock flexibility and attractive economics targeted for industrial applications, a biofuels conversion process that can take any renewable oil and produce transportation fuels that look just like petroleum, and an algal biomass cultivation system that is scalable and economical. The company is focused on completing research and development on these technologies, building first-of-a-kind pilot commercial plants, and then eventually constructing, operating, and/or selling large-scale projects based on these technologies. The business approach relies heavily on forming partnerships with technology, construction, and financial providers so that end-to-end solutions can be delivered to the marketplace. Diversified Energy Corporation is led by a team of executives with significant experience in the aerospace, energy, and high-technology markets. The team's core expertise is in designing, developing, and delivering innovative technology solutions for government and commercial customers, with a track record well in excess of several billion dollars. The leadership team is complemented by an engineering, projects, and business staff with a demonstrated pedigree of innovation and successful delivery. The company is applying this record of rigorous systems engineering and business acumen to transform creative energy ideas into reality today. The company was formed in 2005 and is headquartered in Gilbert, Arizona.
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