BTS All Purpose Cleaning
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2926 W 25th St Brooklyn, NY 11224
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Bronx, NY, Brooklyn, NY, New York, NY, Staten Island, NY, Newark, NJ, Jersey City, NJ, Jamaica, NY, Flushing, NY, Corona, NY,
B.T.S Commercial Cleaning Services was founded in my Brooklyn basement. The very foundation of the business was based on a vision for young adults that did not have many job opportunities in the state of New York. Growing up in Brooklyn was a very hard place for most of us (Brooklyn knights). Instead of abandoning the borough to seek a better life somewhere else, I stayed. I think of all the hardship growing up in this town and all of the hardships of those who have stayed, and I just felt in my heart that there was a reason to stay here. A reason that was worth any struggle or hardship; to help the people who need it within our inner cities. When I started the business, there were hard choices that needed to be made such as, leaving a good steady job and giving up a lot of time with my family in order to make my commercial cleaning businesses flourish. New York is a very competitive state and considering the cleaning industry as a business of choice was even harder for me to deal with. I felt it was the only approach in making it in a new industry. So I bought into a commercial cleaning franchise and opened up my personal cleaning service. The two headed monster concept was the better approach for me. When I started the business I had only hoped to have ten employees, but now we currently have twenty highly- motivated employees. Every employee understands we are a unit of workers who depend on the very fabric of this great county with free opportunity. All of my clients can bear witness that the president of B.T.S. cleaning services will work alongside my employees to get your establishments looking brand new. I chose to work with my employees, because it will gain the trust of my clients as well as gain the respect of my employees. This company was built with the strength and honor to make sure we do our job the right way for every client we have. We never settle for anything less of 100% client satisfaction. We will work with you, for you. If you're not satisfied, neither are we. On the behalf of our family, thank you and we hope to be of service to you and your special needs. One team, one dream!!
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