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"THE BEST IN HOUSEKEEPING FOR THE BEST PRICE" Since 1985 I have been providing the highest quality of housekeeping service that's guaranteed to turn your messy rooms into the flawless penthouses you find at five-star hotels, all without risking the cozy atmosphere you value in a personal home. My business is in providing the service that sparkles! Have you ever glanced at a housekeeping magazine, and wondered if your home could ever look as wonderful as the cover page? My business can give you the cleanliness you desire with the affordability and reliability that only our experienced professionals can provide. I offer One Time, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly or Occasional visits, arranged according to your personal necessity. At Betty's Maid Service, our highest priority is in providing a form of courtesy that you won't find in any other service industry. In fact, you'll be hard pressed to find an attitude as positive as mine even within the maid industry itself! Why is this true? This is true because I believe in emphasizing old-fashioned principles within a modern community, and this philosophy is precisely what gives me the edge over our competitors. So what exactly is courtesy, and how do I incorporate it in our service to you? First of all, I am taught to be both helpful and flexible whenever I am dealing with your specific requests. If there's a cleaning task that you feel should be emphasized above all others, feel free to bring it up at any time during one of their visits.
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