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By : Brendan Mitchell, 03-07-2016

A common mistake that bloggers and website owners make is the assumption that it is hard to make money on the Internet. It really isn’t. In fact, if you have an audience of several thousand unique visitors a month, you’ve already crossed the line between blog and business opportunity.

The question that most bloggers have once they’ve established an audience is, how? How do I capitalize? Selling space on your website for advertising is the quick and easy answer, but it’s not necessarily an effective one. It could hinder how you communicate with your audience, and won’t necessarily earn you all that much money.

There is another option that bloggers and website owners have, that they may be completely oblivious to. EZBZ, the online concierge service, is currently looking for bloggers and website owners with a sizeable following, who may be interested in a free partnership opportunity that could provide them with multiple streams of consistent revenue.

An EZBZ marketplace is an interactive business directory, concierge, and store that you can seamlessly integrate in to your existing blog or website… for free. The marketplace platform is also a free tool for your visitors that can help you develop monetary business relationships, thus transforming your website in to a revenue-generating company. Some of our current marketplace partners include Westchester NY Moms, the New York Jewish Community, and MetroFamily Magazine

The marketplace can have its own URL, or can sit on your website as a self-contained IFRAME with three tabs: Concierge, Directory, and Shop. 


Marketplace concierge

The Concierge allows users to submit requests for any product or service. The request is then sent it to local providers in the area, who will reply in minutes with their information, availability, and prices. It’s a great way for your followers to compare contractor quotes, hire professional services, or find a rare product or service in their area, for free. Businesses will pay to reply to these consumer requests, and as the marketplace operator, you will earn a share of this revenue stream.

While the Concierge technology will send requests to all the local businesses that can help, the Directory tab is a great way to promote your (or your followers) favorite businesses.



The marketplace admin can choose to charge businesses for a standard and/or promoted listing in the directory. This is a valuable aspect of the marketplace technology – businesses will be willing to pay for a promoted listing in a directory with a large audience, while you will be able to profit from an additional revenue stream.



The third tab, Shop, is an e-commerce platform linked to EZBZ’s online store. Businesses with an EZBZ profile are able to sell their products and services in the store, and if they are in your marketplace, their items will also be listed in your Shop tab, alongside a set of top-selling national items from EZBZ’s own distributor. This presents another revenue stream for the marketplace admin to capitalize on, not to mention numerous other benefits: your followers can use it shop online, businesses can sell their products and services, and you will have another enticing reason to attract new followers to your website.

The EZBZ marketplace is a great way for you to provide your online audience with an array of tools and services, while also earning revenue. It’s a great model to help you expand your audience, and transform your website in to a profitable business. It’s also remarkably easy to set up – a marketplace can be built and placed on an existing website within several hours.

If you’re interested in adding a marketplace to your website or blog, contact EZBZ at 1-855-461-8619 or at, and start generating revenue within twenty-four hours.
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