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By : Kristen Glehan, 06-02-2015

As a web based company, we are well versed in the evolutions a single website can go through before its final iteration. Many factors will determine the look and feel of a website, including the evolving expertise of the team contributing to its goals and design, as well as the ever changing digital landscape which brings new tools, techniques and even coding styles and languages at near lightening speed.

If you were to take a look at what was when it started, as well as the various versions over the prior years, you would likely be taken aback at the stark differences. Just as time has passed, our business objectives have evolved and strategies been tested, giving way to new approaches and appearances. We have been fortunate in having creative and technical agility, mostly due to the strength of our in-house team, which includes among others, our founder Shana Schlossberg and Racheli Dantess, a creative and technical whiz who has been involved since inception.

Many people assume that design of a website is a simple process, mostly because they see the ready-made templates available on hosting and software for hire sites. However, designing a website from scratch is significantly more complex. It involves consideration of site architecture (what each relevant item links to and how); user experience (designing for ease of use, considering typical behaviors and best practices while still trying to innovate); SEO and SEM (how the search engines will index the site); transactions; media; legal, etc and of course visual appeal. With all items, there are different security measures to consider, potential coding languages, plug-ins, etc. It takes skilled web designers, developers and other contributors to make the site visually appealing and fully functional for visitors.

Understanding what the intended core function of a website is helps to determine what the site design and structure should be. For example, with EZBZ we already had our core technology in place, we knew we offered a very special search and concierge service, we just needed a way to appropriately showcase it and place it at the fingertips of users. To do so, we needed to consider the various ways in which a visitor might arrive to each page and step in their search process. At the same time, we wanted to ensure the user enjoyed their experience, viewed the site as inviting and worthy of regular visits. 

To arrive at the present look and the feel of Racheli Dantess applied her deep knowledge and expertise within interactive and digital art. She developed a design intended to be visually appealing while also complimenting our technology. Acknowledging that our users are frequently busy and taxed, she elected to incorporate whimsical elements to the user experience, by way of the illustrations of Zoey, our super girl. Also understanding that our users are based all across the USA and that all regions can’t be effectively represented with a single stock photograph, Racheli developed a plan to portray the widest variety of landscapes within a visually appealing illustration. If you take a look at the background graphic on our site, you will find areas to represent the country, suburbia and big city. Racheli had these illustrations and others specifically commissioned for our use.

Marrying functionality and design together is among the greatest challenges web businesses face. But of course, it isn’t the only one. Driving traffic to the web and mobile properties, tracking interactions, developing consistency in branding, managing user experience, etc. are all key components of daily business operations. Developing processes to manage and update across these efforts is important. In the case of EZBZ, our founder and other critical staff work methodically and focus diligently on these efforts daily. The business reflects strengths because of this collaboration. Everyone at EZBZ agrees that the strength of our operation starts from the top, with veins trickling down and throughout because of talented contributors, such as our whiz Racheli Dantess, who’s creative influence and handy work can be seen throughout.

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