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By : Daria Collins, 03-03-2016

As various studies have explored the relationship between employee productivity, employee satisfaction, and the workplace environment, the demand for innovative workspaces has increased dramatically. Numerous organizations, including multinational corporations, have started to do away with the conventional office space, to embrace a more modern and flexible work environment. Moreover, the continuous evolution of technology and change in modern business practices that demands collaboration and creativity have resulted in the adoption of progressive polices and perks for employees. Below are some of the characteristics of a contemporary workplace:


Cubicles are now a thing of the past. The modern office space emphasizes the need for collaboration and teamwork. Conference rooms have been abandoned as the setting of internal meetings for less formal spaces. Employee isolation was once seen as integral to a productive workplace, but now the opposite is being put in to practice. Partitions are being removed and offices are providing more casual settings designed to encourage employee collaboration. It’s not uncommon to find lounges or even beanbags in a modern office. More vibrant color schemes and lighting are also being adopted in contrast to the beige, halogen-lit offices of the past. Some forward-thinking employers also allow further personalization of the office, including art installations, special furniture, or recreational spaces.  Studies have found that employees are happier in a vibrant workplace, and thus, more productive.


With rapid advancements in technology over the past decade, the tech available in a present day office is dramatically different to what was available ten years ago. Fax machines are quickly becoming obsolete, and can be quite rare in the modern office, while employees are actively using multiple screens – such as their computer, tablet, and phone – to work.  Many office spaces also provide televisions and gaming consoles to help employees de-stress and have a positive outlook on their work environment. With increasingly wireless technology upgrades, employees are also less often restricted to a single desk or work space. This is a good example of the flexibility that technical advancements have given the modern office space, making it a happier, less-cluttered environment.


In today’s political climate, there is a correlation between the perception of a business’ brand and the policies that business has related to its employees, and the society it operates within. Today, it’s not uncommon for businesses to advocate for political issues such as equal marriage rights or global warming. Companies that appear to be socially and environmentally conscious, while also treating their employees well, often have a more positive brand value than those who don't have that reputaiton. Many of these companies offer recreational, team-building, and health-oriented programs and activities to their employees, as it has been proven time and time again that happy employees are productive employees.

No two workplaces are the same, and the modern office is dramatically different to the typical office space of ten years ago. As technology and transparency become more valuable to businesses in modern day society, services like EZBZ have become a great online tool for business owners. While your office space may not be up to date, EZBZ can help your business ensure they are capitalizing on the online market for reaching and converting customers.

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this is a great article, thanks for sharing. It is very true that the employee productivity doubles up, when it is effective and enjoyable, workplaces. Now it is very critical, not just have an office but offices that reflect the brand and influences employees You will find my blogs here at
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Hmmmm interesting read indeed. Cubicles are definitely of the past lol
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