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By : Laurel Savey, 02-08-2016

What is event sponsorship?

Event sponsorship is a support of an activity mainly through financial aid, used to increase visibility and reach other business goals. Sponsorship is one of the fastest growing forms of marketing today in the U.S. is sponsorship. Event sponsorship provides great means of widening your competitive edge among other companies and at the same time improves the company’s prestige, credibility, and image. By supporting the events that are attended by groups your target market finds attractive, your sales and professional connections can increase dramatically if done right.  

Previously, only large businesses used event sponsorship as a way of increasing visibility and profits. Now, even smaller companies are taking part, although on a smaller scale. They sponsor everything from festivals to local baseball teams, and most of these sponsorships help increase their popularity and public profile.

Why should your business become a sponsor?

By sponsoring events, your business can benefit in many ways, especially enhancing public image. Usually, companies seek ways to improve how they are perceived publicly. They wish to improve their image among target audiences. Sponsoring events that specifically appeal to the markets of interest helps generate positive responses.  

Every business sponsoring an event should seek inclusion in both electronic and print media. Creating positive publicity helps increase your business’ and products’ popularity. If there are media covering the event, your company name and/or products will likely be a part of their broadcast. Media coverage can be one of the greatest benefits of event sponsorship as it enables small businesses obtain the kind of media coverage that is usually otherwise unaffordable or unavailable.

How to do it

Once the decision is made to sponsor an event, a business owner will quickly realize the options are virtually limitless, including events all over the country. However, you need to be smart about the events you choose to ensure the greatest benefit for your business and objectives. A sponsor shouldn’t offer event sponsorship to just any event. The choice must be carefully thought over, and only the wisest option must be chosen. 

Because a business has so many events to choose from, its necessary to prioritize those target consumers will attend. Prospective loyal customers are the audience you must seek out, they are the people you can collect feedback from, which is very important for your company. Always try to pick events where people will be interested in your business. Although it sounds obvious, really try to stick to this goal. For example, don’t sponsor an event where mostly women attend if you specialize predominantly in men’s products. Be smart and choose what’s best for your target market.

Many events will charge for extra marketing materials and samples you may wish to include. So, be sure to gather information in advance to be fully informed of the costs of a sponsorship and what exactly is included with it. Collect and sort that data, with the goal of prioritizing and choosing the right event to sponsor. When you collect all of the data you need, you will be able to clearly identify which events will be most beneficial to your goals. This is very important for the final choice, so the sponsor should never approach this lackadaisical. 


Event sponsorship can be effective as a marketing tool, because the business has the power to access a wide variety of audiences. A growing number of sponsors believe event sponsorship is better than any other marketing method. Events enable businesses to relate directly to their targeted customers while providing them the opportunity to try out the products the company has to offer. Another reason to sponsor events is the heightened visibility. It puts your business in the spotlight, and that’s where it needs to be. The company gains credibility and respect by displaying their products on the events. 

The more successful events the company sponsors, the more brand recognition that follows. Such brand recognition can be achieved by being featured in the program book of a specific event, by media coverage or by other means. Doing the event sponsorship right will make the business more successful while steadily increasing the popularity and recognition. It is very useful for newcomers to start slowly and with smaller events, and gradually work themselves up.

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