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By : Margaret Hansen, 08-12-2015
Creating a Cable Television Ad: A Surprisingly Cost-Effective Way to Draw Customers written by: Margaret Hansen Creating a cable television commercial can be a great source of exposure and revenue for a small business. Not many businesses realize how affordable cable advertising can be. While broadcast advertising can be very expensive, cable advertising can be very affordable. Beyond affordability, cable also has a huge reach, as over fifty percent of households in America have cable. 

The first step in determining whether creating a commercial is a wise investment for your business is to review your business demographics. While cable television commercials are a wise choice in expanding the reach of your business for many demographics, it is not right for all businesses. Millennials are known to be cord cutters and are less likely to purchase cable, so if that is the sole target group for your business, cable advertising may not be right for you. If your business targets other demographics as well as Millennials, you will likely benefit from cable television advertising.

You will also want to consider your demographic focus when determining how to position your ad. You may be able to cut costs if you are targeting a demographic who will be watching shows on at non prime hours. Many cable companies offer commercial packages in blocks depending on when they are to be aired. Television commercials that are not aired during prime time will cost less than prime spots. You will also want to consider your budget when determine how to position your ad. You will want to determine ahead of time how much you want to spend, as well as how many slots you want to purchase and how often you want the commercial to run. 

Once you have determined your demographics, as well as your desired reach and budget for your television commercial, you are ready to contact a cable sales representative. They will be able to advise you on a package that will best meet your budget and may be able to assist you with production for your commercial, as many cable companies provide production services. When it comes to production, you will want to keep your budget that you previously determined in mind.

Commercials with dramatic actors and special effects are best left to companies who can afford high budgets for production. Small businesses will want to stick to simpler commercials. You will want to focus on creating a commercial that is short, catchy, and informational. Take advantage of any production services offered by the cable company you are using, as these services are generally affordable. You can also save money on lighting expenses by shooting outside. When considering the amount of production time you will need, remember to plan for things like changing lighting and audio equipment between shots.

Many local and small businesses do not take advantage of advertising via cable, likely because they do not realize how cheap it can be to air and produce a commercial, and how much creating a television commercial can expand your reach. Don't lose out on potential customers that can be gained by advertising on cable, as creating an ad can be so simple and affordable.

If you'd like to explore cable advertising but aren't sure where to start, you can always submit a free request to the EZBZ concierge!
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