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By : Karen Lasser, 08-21-2015
Work samples are an effective way of selling your work to potential clients. Samples outline your experience, competencies and abilities to perform your tasks. There is no industry that is more greatly moved by before and after images like the construction and repair industry. When it involves processes like repair and renovation, it is critical that you display what changes you can effect with your skill set. This can be done efficiently and effectively through before and after photographs. Photographs are visual aids which help your client prove what kind of work you can do.

Before and after photographs are commonly used to show contrasts. The before photos are of the former state while the after photograph is the achieved outcome of a project. Nothing offers justice in construction like before and after photographs. To make these photographs available, there are a couple of things you should consider:

First, be selective.
This means picking your best. Only the repair and renovation projects which you rank highly and which after consultation rank highly on the opinion of others should be used. It is important to realize that not all pictures will impress, hence why selecting a selective bunch of only the  best one is optimum.

Also, be moderate. Do not bombard your clients with an overload, make it sweet and brief. This does not mean that you use too few, clients should get the impression that you are inexperienced. Though avoid using too many as consumers sometimes assume higher costs come with a splashier appearance.  If there are commercial establishments you were contracted to renovate, put a few of the impressive ones up, if they are residential do the same. People get easily tired with information overload.

Do not compromise on the quality of photographs, take clear photos for display. Nobody wants to browse haphazard samples of work, it begs the question if haphazard care is given to one's own business will even worse care be given to the project? Remember, your competitors are scrambling for clients also.

Then, be diverse. Change up those photographs to include new projects which you have either constructed, repaired or renovated. Think about the long-term value that those before and after photographs will give you.

Lastly, be orderly. Clients like well-organized portfolios. In dealing with photos it is advisable that you have a raft of your specifications, aspirations and achievements in writing. In accompanying your photos with an organized resume of your company, you are able to sell easily to clients. A picture is worth 1000 words but a little back up will increase the value of your work sample. A well-drilled work sample opens opportunities for you to tackle more construction projects. It gives you credibility and makes you more valuable.

Before and after photographs should be a priority investment in your work in construction. They skyrocket your value and the returns will be profitable. Work samples are evidence of what heights you can achieve and what your hands can accomplish.
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Crystal Janik
Best Practice
I've found in my industry, that providing before and after pics, helps put the customer at ease and assists me with getting more reviews of my company. :)
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