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By : Brendan Mitchell, 03-10-2016

From time to time, many companies and corporations hold team building events to encourage a more organized, goal-oriented, and united staff. While these events can often consume both time and money, if successful they can be a truly worthwhile investment for the business. Employees that are both happy and feel a sense of community are often more reliable and productive workers. These events shouldn’t just be run by big businesses – any business with a team of staff that work together on a day-to-day basis should consider hosting a team-building event or exercise, both for the sake of their employees, and the businesses’ own wellbeing.

Here are some tips and techniques for ensuring you run a successful team-building event:

Determine an Aim

If you know your team could benefit from improving a certain skillset, it can be helpful to center your team-building exercise around this topic. It is crucial that the exercise taking place is grounded in a lesson that applies to the workplace. For example, often, the purpose of a team-building exercise is to foster unity and teamwork among group members. Therefore, a competitive, non-team sport would not be conducive to the exercise. Instead, you should try to find an exercise that requires all the staff to work together in a group dynamic. An Escape Room – an increasingly popular group activity – is a good example of this.  Team mates must work together to escape a simulated locked room within a certain time frame.

Work with Your Team to Organize

Often, employees themselves can provide the greatest feedback about their strengths and weaknesses. Simply by asking your team to help organize or pick a team-building exercise, you are showing them respect by implying that you trust their judgement, which can help your own workplace relations with your employees. Additionally, perhaps just planning an event together would be a good team-building exercise for some members of your staff.

Recognize and Praise Achievements

You can incentivize employees to participate and fully engage with the team-building exercise with the promise of a prize. It’s also a good idea to observe and praise both individual and team achievements that take place during the event. Positive reinforcement will help the lessons of the exercise transfer to the workplace.

Acknowledge Failure

Good teamwork is not just about achieving goals – it’s also about appropriately handling failure. It’s important not to single anyone out in the event of a group failure – this is demoralizing and embarrassing to not just the singled out employee, but the entire team. A group failure is a great opportunity for your employees to reflect on their strengths and weaknesses as a team – with constructive feedback, praise, and honesty, lessons from a failure can also be transferred to the workplace.

You cannot measure the true success of a team-building event or exercise until the next work day – employees will likely be more amicable, happy and energized by the breakup of their routine, with plenty of lessons to think about and apply to their work. A staff that are happy to work together will be more productive and valuable to your business, which is why team-building exercises are becoming increasingly popular.

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