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By : Kyle Freedman, 02-25-2016

One of the most important decisions you have to make when planning a business trip is where to stay. These days, your options aren’t limited to hotels.  Some businesses are booking corporate housing for their employees, as it can sometimes be less expensive and more comfortable.  Here is an assessment of some of the benefits and downsides of corporate housing:


Most corporate housing is furnished and fully equipped with appliances, so it is more comfortable for long-term stays. That isn’t to say it feels like you’re living in someone else’s home; there is plenty of space for guests to add personal touches for the duration of their stay.

It can be cost efficient – The monthly rate for NYC furnished apartments starts at around $3000, which is a lot more affordable than a hotel would be for the same amount of time. Corporate housing can also be easier to find than a reliable sublet or rental property. 

Eating out constantly can be unhealthy and expensive, but with access to amenities such as a fridge, stove, and a full sized kitchen, guests of corporate housing can more easily cook and store food. Corporate housing is also often situated close to grocery stores, café’s and other food shops.

The Downsides

There’s usually a minimum stay of thirty days for corporate housing, which may mean that a hotel could still be the more affordable option if you’re trip is short. Hotels also typically offer more luxuriant services, such as room service, 24-hour reception, and free breakfast.

Hotels are never far away, but corporate housing isn’t available everywhere. The housing options in your destination city may not be close to your place of work., so if you’re looking for accommodation close by, corporate housing may not be the best solution.

There can be more rules in corporate housing regarding cleanliness, maintenance, and the cost of damages, which can make for awkward or tense situations with your employer/employees and the housing provider.

Ultimately, corporate housing is not the solution for every business, but it may be an option you have not yet considered. For long-term trips, it can certainly be a preferable alternative to hotels for both employer, and employee. To see what the housing options are in your destination, check out or submit a request through EZBZ today.

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Corporate housing. What an interesting take on living. Being somewhere in your "home," for just a short amount of time seems exciting and lonely all at the same time. I've cleaned a number of carpets in Corporate housing units. Maybe it's because of these rules that you mentioned as to the reason why when we go in to clean the carpet seems to already be "pretty" clean. No big stains or anything like that. Thanks for the post!
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Great article for Businesses,. It helps in big way providing employees with corporate housing because it gives employees a homely feeling, where they can do their laundry, cook something they like, and have a private time. Hotels its same thing anywhere, and wont have that private feeling, can't cook. Just have to put up with what you get in room service most of the time. Plus the corporate housing will be cheaper for companies if they get long term tie-ups If you like to read my small business community blogs and advice please visit vendor bazaar vendor directory -
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