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By : Brendan Mitchell, 01-04-2016

There is a common misconception that yoga is only for women in their mid-late twenties. This is just as false as the stereotype of the typical yoga-lover – a hyper-spiritual hipster obsessed with coconut water.

For the majority of people that do yoga – made up of men, women, and children -  it really is just exercise; a fun, calming, and effective way to keep your body fit and healthy. It can also have positive effects for your mental health – just like any exercise, yoga triggers a release of endorphins inside the brain.

Unfortunately, it’s easy to be put off by the culture commonly associated with yoga, and many don’t realize that there are classes catered specifically to them. I’ve detailed below some of the yoga options for everyone in your family.

Yoga for Kids

The benefits of yoga to children are so numerous that many schools now offer it as a form of physical education. It’s easy to see why – unlike other forms of exercise you may find in the school yard, it is non-contact, non-competitive, and a great way to relieve stress. Children often suffer from anxiety and stress at school, and this could be exacerbated by sports that are competitive or physical in nature. Yoga’s calming, meditative qualities means it can help kids relax and stay healthy, which isn’t exactly a perk you get from football.

Yoga for Men

Yoga has a long and rich history, although only recently has it been primarily associated with women. In fact, it’s more common for men to practice yoga in India, where it originated. Convincing a modern man to take up yoga really shouldn’t be that difficult; it has proven to be effective at keeping you fit, improving your sex life, and relieving stress.  If there’s any man in your life not sold by those points, send him this article from Men’s Fitness that details 9 reasons why he should reconsider yoga.  

Yoga for Seniors

For many people over sixty, sports and exercise become nothing more than a memory. With an increased risk of falling over and injuring themselves, seniors can be hesitant to try anything other than walking to get exercise. Yoga is a great alternative for seniors who would like to keep their bodies fit without putting themselves at too much risk. You don’t need to be able to twist yourself like a piece of rubber to do yoga, although it will improve your flexibility. By keeping fit as you age, you give your body a fighting chance at staying healthy.

There are also plenty of yoga options for women, particularly mothers, in any stage of life, such as prenatal yoga, postnatal yoga, mommy and me yoga… The list goes on! Check out to find out about the local options for you, and your family.

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