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By : Margaret Hansen, 08-07-2015
While over 50% of the world's population can speak more than one language, in the US, only 25% of the population is multilingual. Learning a language can be time consuming, hard, and frustrating, and perhaps that is why there are not more people who can speak more than one language. However, the benefits of foreign language study far outweigh the negative aspects. Learning a foreign language can make you more hireable, sharpen your mind, and improve your academic and professional performance.

Foreign language study and mastery of another language can improve your chances of getting hired, and even drive up your starting salary. In this global economy, many employers looks for employees who are bilingual. Some positions pay more if you have are fluent in another language, and some open jobs may only be available to bilingual prospects.

Your location and your field of work will have a lot to do with what language will benefit you most professionally. In some locations, a conversational grasp of spanish will help you communicate better with many clients. This will make you seem more desirable to employers, and can even tip the scales in your favor when comparing your application with similar applicants who only speak one language. However, for business professionals who must travel for their work, learning a language such as Mandarin may be more beneficial. A language learned specifically for your profession will definitely make you a more attractive option for prospective employers.

Another reason to learn another language is the fact that it sharpens your mind. Some studies show that individuals who are bilingual or multilingual tend to be less likely to develop Alzheimer's or dementia. Studies have also indicated that foreign language study improves your memory, as the complex process of learning a new system of rules for grammar exercises your brain. Another way that studying another language can benefit your mind is that it can improve your ability to make complex decisions. Learning another language typically also improves the speaker's first language, making you more conscious of its rules and structure. 

It has also been shown that foreign language study can improve academic performance for students, and on the job performance for professionals. In one study, students were provided with 25 minutes of Spanish instruction per day, while a control group of students continued to study their regular curriculum. As a result, the students who received foreign language instruction subsequently received higher scores in both math and grammar than the control group. These results have since been repeated in numerous studies, and the same proves true for working adults. Adults who speak more than one language overall experience higher performance in the workplace.

Foreign language study can be time consuming and difficult, but it is certainly rewarding. Learning another language has so many benefits for an individual, at any stage of life. It can improve your brainpower, increase your hireability, and sharpen your performance in academics and at the office. Beyond that, mastering another language opens up the world. It makes people more receptive to other cultures and ideas, and may open up travel opportunities and experiences you never thought possible.

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