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By : Michael Whitehouse, 12-09-2016
When is the best time to set up a contract with a plowing company? Now. You should do it now, especially if snow is not even in the forecast yet. Many companies that do snow removal start contracting with customers months in advance so that they can plan ahead for the winter season. This means that you are best off to find a reliable snow removal company in the fall so that when winter comes, you are ready to go.

As always, EZBZ is here to help. Just put in a request for snow removal and we'll find quality contractors for you.

I'll even make it easy for you by writing out the inquiry for you. Just cut and paste this right into the concierge box: I would like to contract with a snow removal company to plow my home's driveway throughout the winter.

Even though you driveway is plowed, that won't do you any good if your car is not ready for winter! If your car is newer, you may be in need of snow tires, but if your car is a little more experienced, then it might be wise to get a pre-winter check up. You don't want to find out when it's twenty below zero that your battery is losing its oomph.

Maybe your car is old enough that you don't want to press your luck through another winter. Did you know that you can use EZBZ to find a car? Just put in what kind of car you are looking for, and we'll forward your request to local dealers. If you're like most people, you're not looking for a 2012 blue Honda CRV, you're looking for a small SUV less than 4 years old with under 40,000 miles, or something like that. EZBZ is perfect for that kind of inquiry, so just type in what you want. Even better, as with any other request, the dealer will not get your phone number and email address unless you want them to have it, so no endless follow up calls.

For our readers down in the warm, southern states, you are still welcome to use EZBZ to find a caterer for your beach party.
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